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Be part of the community.

In Latin, it means earth; as an English word in noun, it represents solid earth, firm ground...

It is where foundations are established, communities are formed, and movement begins.

"Movement is life; without movement life is unthinkable." - Moshe Feldenkrais

Similarly, life is a process. You cannot take the 'process' out of 'life'. Enjoy this process. Enjoy movement.

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Terra Firma Singapore represents an inclusive community that strives to make effective and intelligent fitness accessible to all. 

We are a group of qualified and experienced instructors who value your unique ability and needs, and are here to support you on your fitness journeys to discover your greatest capabilities!

We offer Private (1-on-1) and Duo (1-on-2) buddy training sessions tailored to your body's needs and personal goals; and virtual mat group classes as a way to continue practice wherever you are.



Jaq Sassoon

Facilitator, Organizational Development

I've always subscribed to the principles of Pilates which form the base of strength-building for many other forms of  sports I enjoy. However, for a long-term commitment to Pilates, I needed an instructor who practises, placing value on cross training, and in today's lingo, who is an athlete too. That is not easy to find.

It has been five delightful years (with more to come) with Kimberly guiding me through from basic to advanced Pilates movements. She has reawakened long-forgotten muscles and built my core solid. I appreciate her curious and scientific mind that has generously shared knowledge, and patiently answered all my questions about movements and muscles.


Kimberly's composed and gentle approach has eased out minor injuries, and kept me flexible and mostly injury-free through falls and spills. This will be even more helpful as I tumble into my late forties.

In Bloom

Dietrich Maass

Senior Director, Supply Network Operations, APAC

At 49, I was suffering from lower back pain from frequent travelling due to work and reduced mobility of my hips since I was 25 due to a genetically inherited condition. While excited about attempting all kinds of sports- cycling being my favorite, I always suffered from pain after covering long distances.

After moving to Singapore, I kept myself active and started preparing for a triathlon, well aware of my limitations. With Kimberly as my coach, Pilates sessions were specifically tailored by her to address my issues and concerns. She emphasized precise control and balance of my movements during her classes- that helped me develop the awareness and strength to keep myself balanced.

I can now cycle long distances without pain, and my posture is more upright. My hip mobility has significantly improved, and I can continue to keep up with regular training sessions without pain. I strongly recommend Kimberly Tan.

Tropical Leaves

Venus Lee


My girls and I started Pilates with Kim, hoping to do it as a form of family bonding. However shortly after, I realized they had different sporting needs and attention requirements (Inez, 12, is in music and volleyball, and Adele, 10, synchronized swimming and touch rugby), so I sent them for duet sessions with her.

The girls looked up to her as a big sister and Inez who wasn't active in sports began to take charge of her fitness, joining the school's volleyball team.

I enjoy Pilates classes with Kim very much and am really grateful for her guidance in helping me to embark on my own journey in teaching Pilates. She has made such a huge impact in my journey from Day 1, being my first ever Pilates teacher. As I prepare for my assessments and have taught my 50-hour teaching practice, I am more appreciative and excited about the road ahead.


Mike & Deb Mawson

I almost thought Kim was a trained physiotherapist when I first started training with her due to a chronic lower back condition.

My previous physio relocated to Japan and I was recommended to start Pilates with her to continue with some form of resistance training on top of my regular walks. I encountered several setbacks, discovering only now (at the age of 58!) that I actually have a leg-length discrepancy - which had been the problem of my back.

Kim was always ready to share and patient to explain how she wanted to work us and would teach us exercises to do at home so that we continue to take practice out of the studio.

My wife and I enjoyed our regular weekend sessions with her, and she never fails to crack us up (in a good way) bringing much laughter during our time together. Although we now have to move back to UK due to work, we will surely miss Pilates with her!

All the best, Kim!

Meet The Founder


Kimberly Tan
Qualified Pilates Teacher

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"Anyone can be their own athlete. I hope to help people discover that athlete/mover in them and help them to achieve that with education and guided mindfulness yet still have fun. I believe in movement continuity and longevity."

Kimberly is an avid endurance runner who enjoys running along the coast and trotting through trails scaling mountains. Kimberly’s passion for Pilates sparked from her interest in sports conditioning – exploring ways to cross train to prevent overuse injuries many experienced. She constantly seeks to challenge herself and sets herself yearly goals.

Having first-hand experience with the benefits of Pilates and a deeper calling to reach out to people, Kimberly hopes to make use of her knowledge to help people pen out their own fitness journeys. Throughout her teaching career, Kimberly has worked with a variety of clients from those who had to rehab from slipped disc injuries and sciatica, osteoarthritic hip and knee conditions, Parkinson’s disease, to seniors and prenatal women. She is also experienced working with athletic clients who seek to improve their sport.

Through her journey of exploration and nature to constantly expose herself to different teaching methods, Kimberly is fortunate to have met first generation Pilates teacher Mary Bowen and learnt from great teachers like Patricia Guyton and Madeline Black. She taps on the passion of teachers she has come across for inspiration. She loves the fact that the body is an intriguing matter which has new things to learn about each day.

Kimberly strongly believes that living a full life stems from having the ability to move and exuberate energy in movements. Pilates has helped her developed mind-body awareness to keep her injury-free, and strength to cruise through the busyness of life. She hopes to inspire others to take charge of their health – even bite-sized goals go a long way!


STOTT Pilates®
Certified Comprehensive Studio Pilates Level 2 | Injuries & Special Populations (ISP) | ZEN.GA®


Athletic Conditioning on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer Level 1

Osteoporosis Management, Scoliosis Management

Sliding Mobility Disks for Dynamic Stabilization (Matwork), Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus

Balanced Body® Pilates
Trained Comprehensive Studio Pilates | MOTR® | Bodhi Suspension System®


Pilates for Functional Training (Portia Page)

The Mysterious Psoas (Joy Karley)

Mentored by
Madeline Black Method® (Gather & Encompass)
Pat Guyton Pilates Conservatory®

Bodywork Inspired

Myofascial Techniques (Presented by Penny Elliot)

Anatomy Trains

IASTM Techniques

A Fascial Perspective for Working with Scars and Adhesions with Dr Robert Schleip (24-25 July 2021)

& more

EIM Singapore Registered Allied Professional (Changi General Hospital)          
Certified EBFA Barefoot Specialist Level 2 (Dr Emily Splichal)
Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) Movement Specialist

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 1 Certified

Gyrotonic® Method (Ongoing)
Pilates for the Endurance Athlete Workshop (Dr Christine Romani-Ruby, Phi Pilates)