One of the boldest aspirations for my career is to get experience working abroad.

I was fortunate to get into summer school in Toronto when I was in university and that broadened my perspective about our society and theirs; our culture and theirs; our take on doing things and theirs. Well, that's the beauty of travelling and a plus for having it when you have some time before the real "work/world" kicks in reality.

I have the same idea that if I had the opportunity to enter a different environment doing the same thing, for one, it might enhance my skill set and provide me with a different lens in handling situations and people who choose to do pilates, or perhaps include it in their training regime.

And so last year, I took the bold step to apply for an overseas stint in Idaho, USA (that's halfway round the globe where Singapore is)! Well, I've got nothing to lose and much more to gain except I will be very far from home... There is no working visa to USA unless through an organisation under strict laws; but the host took steps to help me find out all the information I needed. I had to send a video audition of a class I teach on top of my resume.

What was really touching was the regular crew I have for morning classes at the gym had no qualms and were very willing to cooperate for a good one. As I reviewed the video and made a short snippet of it (above), I can't help but mention- they really did their best in class (it was a 7.30am/ 8.30am class!)

Well, in the end I gave that up and made my way down to Boulder, Colorado for another life-changing experience with my beloved teacher. 💕 If you should know, it was a really tough (& ironically easy) decision to make because in both places you get so much of nature and such vast space to run. The outdoors are great!

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