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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

It's been more than 5 weeks since my last reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic (entry that follows), and many things have changed. Every single day presents a new situation that each country's government has to swiftly act on to mitigate the spread, on top of the changing socio-economical landscape and climate changes around the world.

It is real, we are facing pressing times. We could potentially witness the dissolution of a whole country that doesn't have a sound health system to manage the increasingly threatening virus.

Last week, D sent me a text asking of my well-being. After a day's work, I thought it was usual as we have been in contact ever since he moved to Switzerland. It didn't occur to me he was facing a pressing situation back home/ at work until I read the CNBC news that the Swiss healthcare system is facing a potential breakdown. :[ D works for a global pharmaceutical company. They are working round the clock to find a vaccine for the virus.

His friendship tugged on my heartstrings. As long as the virus persists, we could lose a friend, a family, a loved one... I truly appreciate our Singapore government for the measures they have taken, the decisions they have made promptly to deter further spreading of the virus. We all have a part to play- practising social responsibility and distancing, watching personal hygiene and caring for one's health. Keep yourself safe to protect your family.

Be safe & Stay healthy. We can tide through this together.


<< Written February 12 >>

It's been probably about 3 weeks since the COVID-19 (better known as 'Wuhan' virus, conoravirus) outbreak hit our shores, and to date, we have 50 confirmed cases in Singapore.

Firstly, I think we should all appreciate healthcare professionals who are working round the clock at the front-line instead of shunning them. Remember they are not just doing their jobs, they stuck on because they truly passionately want to be there for people who need them. Tell me, who isn't afraid of being infected, or at risk of passing on to their loved ones?

I think we all have a part to play in our society to contain this virus.

Hygiene doesn't happen overnight, or when an epidemic breaks out. Self-care is a way of caring for others around you, and that includes getting rest when you display signs of illness. Day in day out, we meet many people and we touch countless bodies in our work- that is part of teaching and guiding people into better movement and technique. I truly appreciate clients and members of classes I teach outside who self-declare travels and keep themselves away when they feel unwell. I only hope that everyone will practice the same caution and social responsibility...

The past few weeks I get constant updates on the situation when I am mostly out and about teaching. To be honest, I know that my job is probably one of the more at risk because I never know if a colleague who's ill has been in contact with someone who has been in contact with one or another etc, or a member in the gym has been out of town... I have been diligently asking so people are clear that we are on the same page because we have families to go back to, and we never want to be the cause of what may be.

I still continue with teaching plans, although corporate projects are put on hold as companies start to implement contingency plans. Vitamin C daily, mindful not to have skin contact, practicing my core balancing in the train (because really, your hands are truly important areas you should pay attention to), and of course getting exercise outdoors while I can to make sure my immunity stays up.

We are beginning to experience waves of the potential panic since the government raised DORSCON level to Orange. News streaming in on new cases, and the latest at the local church where my sister is planning to host her church ceremony (OMY!). In the coming days, businesses will start to slow down, people will choose to stay indoors more, and travel plans will be put on hold.

In all situations, remember a small action counts. Keep safe and be well everyone.

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