Change is the Only Constant

The world is changing every day, and at this very moment, every minute becomes a matter of life and death, a question of what is, what will and what may... It is disheartening to read / watch updates of a global pandemic that is sweeping across the map right now.

When you used to question "what are all these for?", it becomes "how long can I use this for?" No one knows how long this will last, neither can they foresee how the decisions we make today will change the landscape of our future.

While there are a lot of uncertainties amidst all these chaos right now, the best thing we can do is to be socially responsible as an individual in your community, be protective over your nuclear family by taking care of yourself, show empathy for fellow humans by spreading positivism and rendering support.

Leaving this in your heart as He did this morning...

#StrongerTogether #FightCovid19 #believe #havefaith #staypositive #tyj

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