Halfway There(abouts)

Singapore hit the record number of cases yesterday- a fact that did not come as a surprise as a large part of our economy depended on the support from these foreign workers. Whilst we have to grapple with the horror of huge daily jumps, it is only time that we truly come to terms that they deserved more for their contribution to the development of our country and support of industries (and homes) that needed manpower that the locals would not do (me included).

For one, the fact that Covid-19 is sweeping round the globe in such a massive scale shows how interconnected and interdependent our economies have grown to be over the decade. Within our individual countries, how ready are we as a nation (to fight the battles ahead); amongst our people, how receptive is our community as one (to listen to our government to mitigate and lessen the load of those at the frontline); within our nuclear families, how cohesive are we (to support one another through differences); as an individual, how adaptive and resilient are you (in navigating your path ahead)?

I guess this is a period when everything (literally all we can do now) takes a standstill. While we can, we do our best, we support our communities in the little things we can do- whether it is to spread word of their good works, offering help to the vulnerable populations, support local hawkers and small businesses so that we all can ride through the storm together as one.

My deepest appreciation for the support from my community who continue to support my endeavors and my efforts to keep everyone moving together. I have certainly learnt a lot, am still learning and continue to strive to be a better individual for His greater purpose.

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