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Updated: May 14, 2020

It had been a good two weeks of festivities with loved ones, and catching up with those we have missed during this period of time. My heart literally beamed with joy when everyone came in for class yesterday at NUSS (well, we do miss one or two at times due to work and family commitments as class is on a Saturday).

Interestingly, during the last couple of weeks of the year, I met a few people who asked me questions about entering the industry/ making Pilates my full time career. I was brought back to my initial intentions when I first started out and what I had hoped for.

10 years ago, Pilates mat work group classes was only offered in the gym and a handful Pilates studios around the island, and private equipment-based training can only be taken up by people who could afford it. My first experience was at the gym which I joined very briefly hoping to maintain my fitness after college and not sink into what people call "Freshman 15". When I picked up running shortly after during my uni days, it was only natural for me to complement my training with what I have learnt in mat work classes. It made sense.

Fast forward 5 years later, the number of Pilates studios around Singapore has risen and more people are exposed to reformer classes, and more people could afford to pick up private classes to complement their sport and progress post-rehab. The price point was still high. We all know that Pilates is logical, and it would benefit many people, yet there will always be a group of people who need it more than others but not be able to afford to get into these classes.

Needless to say, NOW Pilates has become more commonplace and is considered one of the HOTTEST classes in many gyms that are offering it. For one, Virgin Active kick-started the rise of reformer group classes worldwide, followed by the accessibility of various class types to those who do not have a gym membership via ClassPass (Passport Asia, GuavaPass now defunct).

I am always 'FOR' making Pilates or fitness or anything beneficial to the community, accessible. I appreciate that these platforms have made exercise available to many. I guess the question now is "WHAT EXACTLY ARE LOOKING FOR," and "WHAT ARE YOU WORKING FOR?" What's the value for your classes, and do they offer the quality that you are looking for?

It is a pleasure to be able to (as an alumni) reach out to fellow alumni in the NUS community (and to give back) what I have gained post graduation. Over the past 4 years having started Pilates classes at Kent Ridge (KRGH) before moving my classes to the new Mandalay Guild House (MGH), I am grateful for the crowd who is always supportive of my endeavors outside and are open to learning and my sharing of what I know.

I understand fully everyone have their priorities on expenditure (well let's admit it, a mat class in a studio costs a minimum of $25 - we can buy 5 large packets of chicken rice which can feed a family). I think such price for a mat class is logical if group classes are kept small (which they used to) at maximum 6 participants, but anything beyond I would rather have it for the community so that more can benefit from what Pilates has to offer.

Not many studios offer mat classes now. Pilates Passion is one of the few that holds firmly to keeping group classes small and affordable, matching quality for value. Similarly for me, if you are interested to do mat group classes in the heart of town, do check out and book yourself into one of the classes listed on the website.

Otherwise if you are a member of the NUSS Alumni Club, do know that you can get quality and highly affordable mat group classes in their fully furnished studios (between KRGH and MGH, with MIRRORS, MATS PROVIDED and PROPS!!).


Well, keep up the good work everyone! We have 366 days this year, one more day to make that change, be that change, and strive for a better lifestyle!

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