How I got on this journey I never look back

As a mom of two young children, I often have to handle sleepless nights with our toddler waking up in the night to be fed, crying out loud; long days when I have to nurse my child... Now that they are older, to find peace without them calling "mama" all the time was only possible when we had more people around at home.

I was tired, I bent over a lot, I was getting back pain from that all the time. It was that one fine day when I caught up with a friend, and she looked great, seemingly relaxed and confident. While she had shared that she was enjoying her Pilates classes, I never thought much about it. To me it was just another fitness fad which I could possibly youtube and follow online. But there was just something different about her which I thought was not part of the deal of following an online video. That convinced me to try Pilates.

My first Pilates Instructor was a Classical teacher, Ms. Kuo. I was pleasantly surprised how she had made such an accurate analysis about me having pain in my right hip- for which I did not think it was painful or serious enough to seek medical help as they come and go quickly. There was a time I had quite frequent episodes of excruciating pain that I couldn't walk until I laid down to move and stretch a little while I can. I consulted the doctor but the X-ray was normal so the doctor couldn't do anything about it.

Ms Kuo inspired me as I went on to continue my practice with her for about 2 years before she moved to USA. She would always say, "Let go, Pilates is about the mind and body." After every session with her, I felt relaxed yet energetic, light and happy. I did not experience the tightness or muscle soreness which I did before from other fitness classes. I was no longer having a hunchback and the incredible thing was the hip pain never occur again. People would commend that I look taller, more relaxed, slimmer and longer.

I was fascinated with how Pilates could help my body feel and move better. So one day I decided to take up the instructor training course. I have done a couple of schools to enhance my understanding in Pilates and finally was certified in STOTT Pilates because that gave me the confidence to deliver exercises simply to people like myself when I first had a go of Pilates.

Here I am, on my journey to be a teacher. I am dedicated to help others experience what Pilates is all about, empower them so they may feel more aligned, relaxed, have less pain, and feel happy about themselves.

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