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I guess it is only timely to type out my thoughts for tomorrow's feature on ARFIT Club.

I chanced upon (mat) Pilates when I set out to maintain fitness after my junior college days by joining the local gym. It was love at first experience- the burn was real, the instructor was fun too. So I kept going week after week before university started. However, as a student, I couldn't afford to continue so I picked up running because I could do it anytime in the campus during my breaks, and I just had to invest in a pair of shoes!

As studies picked up full steam juggling lectures, practical and tutorials, the stress level went up too. That was when my running volume increased and I actually found it therapeutic to 'get back into myself' to refocus. Running changed my life. Or perhaps, being able to run, AND having gone through the local education and being exposed to overseas learning opportunities did- these definitely did.

I am grateful for being born into Singapore, I appreciated my parents for their hard work and I do not take for granted that to pursue my dreams, it doesn't just fly by and drop from the sky. When I first started my work as a coach to students at the high school level (because of my varied background in Math and Science then), I was aware that I really enjoyed helping them make sense of what they were doing (because that was what my teachers did- they made sense and they made learning enjoyable). But over time, it didn't make sense for me because it didn't apply to life (daily life).

It just struck me as I see more kids spending less outdoors, and getting obese earlier in life, that I wanted to do something that would intervene/reverse this process. Nutrition was a subject that I had appreciated and almost pursued post-grad, however, with limited resources I thought I would find the opportunity to just begin understanding the body...

Fast forward, it's been 7-ish years. I wouldn't deny that the journey was tough, there had been setbacks that I hadn't anticipated in my youth (and probably now, still as I slowly mature in my journey), and also times (initially) that I had contemplated letting it go. I certainly believe that having a strong faith, and good hope, makes it a little easier to get by.

I started with the intention to specialize in "Athletic Conditioning", and I am at this point in time, I see that I finally have a good head (picking up a specialist diploma last year) and a good decade hitting the road to understand the needs of a runner. I mean of course, sports is not just running- that's why I deviated a little and push myself further to venture into multi-sport events and trail running in the past couple of years.

Terra Firma is not just another company, it's not just another business. Terra Firma is my belief that foundation is fundamentally important (anywhere, applied anytime, to anything). Pilates is foundation to movement. Understanding is fundamental to education. To be good at anything, is to understand, to practice, and to embody. I don't seek to just instruct Pilates (anyone can do it), I strive to be a teacher who gives you what you need for your body, your sport and I truly appreciate your understanding in making this journey your own, as I have made mine.

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