Staying Positive Through Uncertain Times

38 days have passed, 18 (or more) days to go.

With uncertainty at the back of our minds, it is easy to lose hope and motivation on the journey ahead. Everyone's path is different- our expectations, our experiences, our worries are different- that is why, we will never revert to "normal". What is "normal"?

It is even more important to stay connected as a community, to stay sane (quite literally). What we are facing is not just a pandemic, but also a potential psychological breakdown in the society as people get restricted in their movements to contain the virus spread. Worldwide.

Few days before CB kicked in, I removed all the appointments from my e-calendar and the emptiness hit me. For someone who enjoys days at work, I knew I needed to retain structure and make as minimal changes to my lifestyle as possible- that included sleeping and waking times.

I wouldn't say I was prepared, but I knew myself well enough to know what would work. I hope these strategies might help you in one way or another as we continue to ride through the storm ahead.

- Give yourself enough rest, but bear in mind that this is not a holiday. Sleep early and wake up fresh.

- Kick start your day with a cold water shower, and freshen up no matter what lies ahead.

- Take time to meditate and reflect on the positive aspects of your life and practice 'gratitude'. Keep faith.

- Stay connected with your community (for my instance, other than clients who have virtual practices with me, I stay in touch with those who aren't and ensure they are not left out/forgotten).

- Stay in practice (with more time now, I appreciate having the opportunity to get movement practices in my own body whether over virtual classes or Pilates Anytime; reviewing past course materials; catching up on books I haven't had time to read; get creative with class designs).

- Upskill with free courses available online (many universities have opened such courses for the public- I am doing Intro to Developmental Psyche part of the umbrella of Psychology (yay, no bidding required like when I was a tertiary freshie!)).

- Exercise (create my own variety to stay motivated, work out with dad to motivate him as well).

- Painting (I bought two art pieces to work on so that I keep the creative side of my brain active).

- Music (I love instrumental music that doesn't have lyrics as it helps me to stay focused when I am reading/ painting).

- Video editing (while I do not fancy sitting on my bum for 3-4 hours editing videos, I feel bad that I don't because of the time my partner and I spent taking them HAHA; and it's a new skill to pick up so WHY NOT?).

- Simple farming (Small successful steps go a long way, well at least for me. I've done 3 batches of beansprouts, and have started on cherry tomatoes this week!).

- Simple cooking (same as above, but remember the kitchen can only have one chef- let that be the best. I do simple recipes like dimsum that wouldn't take up meal time prep).

- Spending time with family, video-call to stay connected with my grandparents and of course having pets at home is a double plus as workout buddies and psycho-therapy.

Unfortunately watching TV/Netflix is not within my radar. And I'm too old to stay up late because I really prefer to sleep and maximize my day. I hope you might find some inspiration to work with the next 2-3 weeks ahead as our government slowly opens up the economy and we prepare ourselves (and our clients) back to work/physical training.

I prefer to leave negativity at the door, and not look out of that door. While I yearn to travel again when the economy opens up, I know it will take a while. Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe for your loved ones.

Be the light that radiates.

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