Thankful for my TRIBE

Your tribe, your community is your biggest asset.

Title says it all. I am really thankful for the support my tribe has rendered me.

Education is something I value; sharing is something I enjoy; being someone's support is something I choose to be. As Dalai Lama beautifully puts it, "Sometimes people think compassion is only of help to others, while we get no benefit. This is a mistake. When you concern yourself with others, you naturally develop a sense of self-confidence. To help others takes courage and inner strength."

When I first accepted Christ more than a decade back, I didn't know what was expected of me and what would follow thereafter. I only knew I have established my faith, and I will follow where He leads me to. Whatever I did in life, there is always an inner calling for understanding instead of conforming and accepting the plate on the table (unless I choose to). That being said, I am grateful for the people who know me, accepted my "this is what you get," personality- I am as real as what you get.

This journey hadn't been easy at all, but I can assure YOU who are about to explore your calling, that if you take time, things will eventually unfold. Believe, and take charge of your learning.

Exploring this role as a mentor/facilitator to new instructors is as equally exciting as it is intimidating- the beauty is we are all on this same journey however long we have taught, and whatever experiences we have gathered. Learning never ceases, there is always something new that's probably being discovered right at this moment. What do you have to lose trying?

The purpose of Terra Firma is really to establish a community where support is rendered for continuity in learning, adapting to new knowledge/information (using purposefully) and constantly inspiring the better of others. (Special thanks to the brains of my partner who thought of the tagline, I only really appreciate the meaning of these during my time alone in the trails.) I am also really appreciative of my friends who have an equally big appetite to learn, and eagerness to help- I wouldn't have been able to support mentees without them sparing time for practice (in the hope of understanding 'Pilates' better, and experiencing the good work in their own bodies).

I am also grateful for my friend Renee who has taken up this challenge together with me hoping to keep up the passion in the new instructors that we encounter. Her passion for her work and her faith in me all these years are mutual and I know with our little efforts, perhaps one day we could possibly encourage a community that chooses to work cohesively.

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