Virtually Connected - the new norm?

Or not? The government just announced that Phase 2 will begin this coming Friday 19/06/20.

My message to address my community:

Hi all, virtual classes on Saturdays and the rest of the week will remain even as Phase 2 commence this Friday.
I think it has been a great way for us to stay connected with one another the past couple of months, and I really appreciate having your support and time to continue moving together.
Positively, I think this period also gave us the opportunity to maximize our time at home - getting our workouts in, managing household chores, spending more time with loved ones - without the hassle of travelling up and down. :) I certainly hope when physical training resumes, you will emerge stronger and find that all these are beneficial to your own practice, intuitively and physically.
Well, that's the essence of Pilates - mind-body connection. And we practice in its entirety. ❤️

From the bottom of my heart, I can truly say "without my community, I am nothing." Their support over the past couple of months gave me the opportunity to continue to hone my craft, connect with civilization (to some extent), and provided me with feedback for the journey ahead. With that, I can be bold with the steps and measures I decide to take - to ensure safety and well-being for those who return for physical training on-site.

The large scale of events and the spiraling effect across the world have only shown how interdependent we truly are- it is not possible to exclude anyone in the picture. I have chosen to minimize my contact time on-site, and clients who have journeyed this long with me... it heartens me that you all are very understanding of my decision to protect not just my loved ones, but you and your loved ones.

Instead of fighting to get back to what we had perceived as the 'normal' prior to Circuit Breaker, I would encourage you out there to embrace the changing needs of our society, maximize what you have and adapt to what could now be 'the new norm'.

Two months ago, I had been a complete tech-idiot, I carried an IPhone for years and wasn't aware of its functions, sat for 3 hours to edit videos (that are HELL BEYOND ME!!). But I have chosen to stick to my craft and learn along the way. You never know at which point in time whatever knowledge or tools you have accumulated would be one that potentially be useful in time to come.

Stay safe my friends.

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