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During the Circuit Breaker in Singapore (following the Covid-19 pandemic), in order to keep practice available and complementary to what her private clients are used to in the studio, Kimberly introduced the Pilates Arc (along with other home equipment that were available) to facilitate their home practice...



First in Singapore to bring you Pilates on the ARC virtually in your home space...

Commonly used only in private training and pre-/post-natal Pilates, Kimberly recognizes the greater benefit of this highly versatile piece of prop that would facilitate and enhance your mat practice out of the studio.

"Weighing less than four pounds, the versatility of the Pilates Arc makes it a heavy hitter. Its patented asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile for different uses and body types; a spin-off the classic Spine Corrector, you will appreciate the improved comfort and ergonomics — a gentler curve on the barrel and a more rounded step." - adapted from

Be part of the practice. If you have a Pilates Arc at home, join us.

New to in-studio/ virtual classes?

Eileen & Family | Family of 3 embarked on connecting virtually for fitness bonding sessions during her son's school holidays

Kimberly's a great instructor to be with. Her instructions and explanations are clear and easy to follow. She is attuned to everyone's abilities and for a beginner like me, I've never felt left out of place even though it's a mixed level class. She is observant and provides feedback and/or modifications for us. 

Although a hard taskmaster, her lessons are fun and never boring!

Corporate Classes

We strongly believe employees are your best assets. Encouraging active lifestyle habits and maintaining a work life balance will improve their productivity at work, foster healthy working relationships amongst colleagues and also prevent work related aches and pain.

Hold a private group class to celebrate your special days such as birthdays or simply to have fun while working out with your friends & family! What a great way to bond!

Your group may suggest or select any of the following Pilates mat-based class types to suit your group:

1) Core Strength

2) Mat with Props

3) Stretch & Rejuvenate